Welcome to Elstree Base

Welcome to Elstree Base – home of the Rebel Legion in England, Scotland and Wales!

For Over 15 years The Rebel Legion’s Elstree Base has been the sole preferred ‘Rebel & Good Guys’ costume club of Lucasfilm Limited and Disney in the UK.

The Rebel Legion is a non-profit international Star Wars costuming club whos aims are to raise money for charities, to support community events and promote the franchise through appearances their members make in costumes that represent all eras of the Star Wars Saga.

The Rebel Legion is a volunteer, non-profit club, formed in 2000 to bring together Star Wars costuming enthusiasts and fans, giving them a collective identity both online and offline to meet and have fun with membership now surpasses 3,000 members globally.

Each country or region will have their own ‘Base’. Base members work in their areas or countries to create that local identity and to encourage teamwork within those communities.
Rebel Legion’s member’s research, build, craft and make their own costumes, in their own time and expense to appear at events.

Members are encouraged to strive for the highest level of screen accuracy and realism in order to bring the characters of the Star Wars universe to life.
As such it would be easy to mistake the Rebel Legion as a cosplay group but really we are a ‘costuming’ club; where accuracy and dedication to making the most authentic costumes is as important to our members as raising money for the charities we support.

As well as attending larger national and international events, our key objectives is also to give something back to the communities we live in through charity fundraising at the events we attend – large or small.

Since its inception the Rebel Legion has had an ethos of inclusiveness to cultivate a warm and welcoming online community. We will always happily work alongside other costume clubs in the Star Wars community as well as in the wider costuming and cosplay society.

While Rebel Legion are not formally connected with the 501st. Both clubs share similar aims and values and are the preferred clubs of Lucasfilm Ltd.
If you would like to join or invite 501st members to attend your event please contact your local garrison or ask us to extend an invite.

Elstree Base has been honored and privileged to work alongside and in partnership with many charities over the past 15 years these include (and are not limited to) Dreamflight, Rainbow Children’s Trust, Rays of Sunshine, Great Ormond Street and Mind.

To become a full member, formal membership age is strictly over 18 years of age. People aged 13 and above can become members of our forum communities. But are also encouraged to seek out their local Galactic Academy Campus.
When those forum members reach the age of 18, they are then eligible to apply for full membership by enlisting with at least one recognised rebel costume.