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Subject to the availability of our volunteers within your area, Rebel Legion UK are always happy to attend events as volunteers at the invite of both large and small organisations, corporate or individual groups within the UK. One of our key focuses is charitable fundraising, so we ask to either be allowed to fundraise ourselves at events, or alternately that a prior agreed charitable donation for our attendance is made to an agreed registered UK charity, the value which you may choose. As we are a non-profit volunteer group, details of our (minimal) group requirements are agreed beforehand.

* Please note that we are unable to attend private childrens parties, or events where alcohol is served, due to health and safety reasons.
* Under instruction from Lucasfilm Limited, we are unable to participate in or organise events including sword play, duelling or a ‘Jedi Training/Jedi Academy’ concept.
* We will not attend events which promote a political/religious group or theme.
* Permission from Lucasfilm, LLC. is required for all public showings (anything other than private viewing by the consumer at home) of any Star Wars and related media.

Please read Lucasfilm’s policy regarding the showing of media such as Star Wars films:
The Rebel Legion reserves the right to decline requests for or withdraw participation from event appearances if media such as Star Wars films are to be shown contrary to LucasFilm’s licensing terms.
* As we are a volunteer group, we kindly ask for as much notice as possible if you would like us to attend an event, in order to avoid cancellation.
In the first instance to discuss your event arrangements, please contact our UK Event Co-ordinators at:

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Event organiser name

Contact email address

Charity donation/collection (click all applicable)

Charity donation will be given for our attendanceCharity collection permitted at the eventOrganisers collecting for own charity at the event

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Secure changing provided (we need a lockable room to get changed in and store our belongings)

Parking available at the venue?

Number of characters requested, or specific character requests

Rebel Legion is a costume group who portray the 'good guy' characters from Star Wars. Would you like any Imperial, Bounty Hunter, Droids (we will contact other costume groups that we work with)

Are replica Star Wars weapons permitted (e.g. blasters and lightsabres)?

What do you want us to do at this event (e.g. photo opps, fundraising)?

How did you hear about us?

Do you consent to having your contact information stored for up to 12 months after your event?

If you do not receive a reply within two working days, please email:

Disclaimer Please note : Rebel Legion members adhere to a code of conduct at events to ensure that everyone has fun and enjoys the event. Rebel Legion UK reserve the right to cancel attendance of the group at events, with as much prior notice as we are able to give (usually one week), should agreed terms of attendance not be met, in the event of unforseen circumstances, should attendees become unavailable or for any other genuine reason. In the event of this, the Rebel Legion UK will not be held liable for any associated expense for reasons of our non attendance. Costs or losses incurred to costumed characters due to damages to their costumes or props through malicious or accidental damage, other than ‘everyday wear and tear’, must be met by the ‘hiring’ organiser who will be held liable and will liase directly with the individual/s themselves to resolve this (not the club). To the extent permitted by law, Rebel Legion members and their staff are not liable for any direct or indirect loss, damage or injury suffered by you or by any third party as a result of our attendance at any event organised, promoted and/or advertised by you. Event organisers should ensure that they have adequate public liability insurance cover for any event that RL members attend, prior to their event taking place.