Role of the Crew members

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Role of the Crew members

Post by Jerrick Sunrunner » Tue Jan 02, 2018 10:19 pm

Role of the Crew members

'Crew' are traditionally the 'helpers' role which is to be on hand to help members into costume, and be around as an extra pair of hands to ensure things run smoothly.
Although we portay mostly open faced characters which means members are often able to manage/crew themselves, crew are a valued part of any event and should be respected for the support role that they play. 

Crew at events are strictly members of the club who are not in costume, or as a member of the Crew User Group.
Crew need to be over the age of 18.

We do not operate 'part time' crew or expect crew to wander off and not remain part of the RL event activities that they are attending.

It is expected that all crew members are:
- physically fit- crewing can involve a lot of walking and standing around. 
-Will at all times wear RL merchandise to identify themselves (RL t shirt, clothing, badges, or high vis jackets). No other clubs merchandise/shirts/ materials will be permitted to be displayed. A generic Star Wars shirt is acceptable. 
-Will be on hand for all Rebel Legion costumers primarily as well as other Star Wars costuming clubs that we are trooping with, or have been invited to an event by.

The role of a crew member is to:

-Ensure the safety of the costumer in public.
-Ensure that the public is aware of the costumer and thus their safety.
-To aid in the smooth running of an event.
-Ensure that any costume malfunctions are dealt with

Crew are NOT security and should not assume this role, they are event support.
Should an incident of a serious nature occur, then this should be referred to the RL event contact on the day, who will advise an appropriate course of action and speak to the event organiser should this be necessary to decide what course of action to take. In a worst case scenario this may include the removal of members from the event or the event ending before due time. 

The role has always been one of ensuring the safety of the individuals trooping, ensuring that obstacles are pointed out, and making sure that they can get from A to B, whilst making sure that B is devoid of trouble. 

Crew should try and ensure all costumers are kept together when walking to and from the changing area to the trooping area.
Try to keep the group moving without stopping for photographs as this can cause bottlenecks, esp in public places.
If a member of the public want photographs en route, politely suggest they follow the group to the end point and take a photo there. 

Crew will either be assigned to particular costume/s or the group/s as a whole where needed.
Crew will help keep the members to schedules (lunch breaks, locations, etc).
Unless for medical or other reasons Crew members will be separated from their endorsing RL member.
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