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Area to request users to be added to the Crew User Group as well as all you need to know about Crewing!

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Crew User Group Purpose

Post by Jerrick Sunrunner » Tue Jan 02, 2018 10:20 pm

Crew members are a essential and vital part of any troop. They act act as the eyes and ears of costumers who may have reduced visibility or movement due to the costume, they act as general helpers at events.
All active members are eligible to crew at any event but in addition to that non-cleared members can be added to the Crew User Group.

Active members can request a non-member to be added to the Crew Group provided that they:
-Have signed-up to both the and RLUK forum
-Be a Family member, Spouse, Partner, a Rebel Legion Friend, or Honorary Member.
-Or have a active costume WIP updated within 14 days.

Approval of non-active members into the Crew User Group is under the discretion of the Base Commanding Officer and Base Team.

Forum Users added to the Crew User Group will in addition to the basic forum access have access to both the Event Sign-up and Event Holding areas.
They will be required to sign-up to each troop themselves and can not be down by proxy.
To remain in the Crew User Group members will be required to crew at the minimum of one Rebel Legion troop from the date they were added to the user group.

If the member clears a costume they will be removed from the User Group and added into the main Active Users Forum Group.

Also Crew members will be able to purchase certain crew specific merchandise when there is a merch run.
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