How to create a Work in Progress Thread

Guides from creating a WIP to submitting your costume and everything in-between!
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How to create a Work in Progress Thread

Post by Jerrick Sunrunner » Tue Jan 02, 2018 10:16 pm

How to create a Work in Progress Thread

WIPs, or Work in Progress threads are a very important part of making any costume and we strongly recommend all members create a WIP for every costume they create.
A WIP is your thread for your costume build. If you are working on multiple costumes at a time you can have multiple WIPs.
The aim of the WIP is to keep all your development, research and build diary together in one place.
It helps make it easier for the base team and also other members to follow, offer advice and support and as important get inspired so they might build the same type of costume in the future. This is in part so that you can get all the guidance and have any questions or queries answered by the detachment COs or by other experienced members.

WIPS are a great resource that new members can use to see how costumes are created and offer an insight into the type of skills and approaches we use here at Elstree Base.

Before getting too far it is worth doing a bit of research;
Is there RL costume Standards already?
Has anyone on either the RLUK or forum created this costume before?
What sort of problems did they come up against and are all the components readily available?
What are the judges looking for when judging the costume?

A lot, if not all of these questions will be answered in a persons WIP.

Once you're ready all you need to do is head to the relevant Costume area and go to the “Costume work in progress threads”
Create your new post with a obvious title: ie “Jerricks Generic X-Wing Pilot” and start posting.

-It is good to start with an opening statement to let everyone know which costume you’re going to create – who, what film etc.
-If it is a costume that has existing standards copy the link to the standards from the RL website.
-If there isn't any standards then write a costume breakdown - what the costume consists of.
-Link to photo references of the costume – screen caps and other supporting sources.
You are better off creating an album on a photo hosting site such as Flikr or imgr NOT Photobucket.

-Whatever you post here its worth also posting on the forum, especially as the costume judging will be done there.
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