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Costume Quality

Post by Leia 77 » Sun Jan 21, 2018 9:23 pm

Best endeavours should be taken to ensure the quality of the stitching of our costumes.

We want our costumes to be durable, to last more than a couple of events. We need sturdy clothes garments that we can move in without having to worry about ripping seams or popping buttons. Our costumes need to keep the same shape they had when we made them. We want things that fit the shape of our body, not distort our silhouette or restrict our movements.

We don't want fabric that pills or fades after wearing or washing it a couple of times. We want our clothes to feel good on the skin, so we can enjoy wearing them when we are trooping.

Our costumes should look like high-quality garments. A smooth fabric, neat seams, beautiful detailing. Not something that is about to fall apart.

What distinguishes high-quality from low-quality manufacturers are the extra steps they took to make sure a garment not only looks the part now, but will continue to do so after multiple wears and washes, that it feels comfortable on the skin and is well-fitted.

A couple of tips to improve your sewing skills

• Make a mock up first using cheap fabric
• Cut your patterns carefully
• Measure your seam allowances
• Press your fabric
• Take your time

In the Galaxy we can assume that the ladies wearing these elaborate costumes would have been using seamstresses and tailoring that would ensure the garment is well made.

Remember that small details make a big difference and poor stitching can slow down the clearance process.

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