Costume Standards

Officers & Captains of the Rebel Alliance and Resistance

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Costume Standards

Post by tenebris » Sun Jan 21, 2018 7:57 am

Episode I/The Phantom Menance

Naboo Security Officer (Episode I) ... om-menace/

Captain Panaka

Episode II/Attack of the Clones

Captain Colton Raymus Antilles ... -antilles/

Naboo Security Officer (Episode II) ... pisode-ii/

Episode III/Revenge of the Sith

Tantive IV Crew (Revenge of the Sith) ... -the-sith/

Episode IV/A New Hope

Yavin Communication Officer ... n-officer/

Rebel Junior Officer B (Battle of Yavin) ... -of-yavin/

Rebel Junior Officer A (Battle of Yavin) ... -of-yavin/

Rebel Officers (Battle of Yavin) ... -of-yavin/

General Jan Dodonna

Captain Antilles (Episode IV) ... pisode-iv/

Episode V/The Empire Strikes Back

Hoth Officer

General Carlist Riekeen / Echo Base Commanders ... ommanders/

Episode VI/Return of the Jedi

Mon Mothma (Episode VI)

Rebel Officer (Episode VI) ... pisode-vi/

General Crix Madine

Admiral Ackbar

Episode VII/The Force Awakens

Admiral Ackbar (TFA)

General Leia Organa (TFA)

Major Kalonia ... hp?t=73586

Kaydel Ko Connix /Junior Controller (TFA) ... llers-tfa/

Resistance Officer (TFA) -yellow vest/brown wool suits

Episode VII/The Last Jedi

General Leia Organa (TLJ)
Under Discussion

Poe Dameron (TLJ) ... last-jedi/

Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo

Admiral Ackbar (TLJ)
Under discussion

Lieutenant Kaydel Ko Connix (TLJ) -Full yellow quilted jacket
Under discussion

Resistance fleet Officers (TLJ) - vest/brown wool suit
Under Discussion

Rogue One

Cassian Andor

Mon Mothma (RO)

Yavin Operations officer (RO) ... rogue-one/

Clone Wars

Admiral Wullf Yularen – The Clone Wars ... lone-wars/


Ord Mantell Officer (Star Wars: TOR) ... -wars-tor/

Ilum Officer (Star Wars: TOR) ... -wars-tor/

Coruscant Officer (Star Wars: TOR) ... -wars-tor/

Rebel Captain (Star Wars Miniatures game) ... ures-game/

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Re: Costume Standards

Post by Stroudy » Sun Jan 21, 2018 8:47 am

Nice work so far!

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