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Rogue One Resources

Post by tenebris » Tue Jun 09, 2020 11:52 am

Rogue One Resources

Link to this post on main forum: ... p?t=112884

Link to RO officers section on the main forum: ... .php?f=868

Costume standards and references: ... p?t=107070


Boot Cuff Calculator for Patterning:
Sam posted this in a thread over in the trooper section, and it's a really great tool to help do the math you need to pattern cuffs that fit your specific measurements. It works really well for the ankle cuffs that can be worn with chelsea boots to mimic the boots we see on many of the officers.

Patricia has some great process pictures of the ones she made in her build thread here: ... hp?t=95502

Tutorials for Modifying Existing Boots:

Ben has put together a really detailed build thread showing how he patterned and modified a pair of Westport boots here: ... sc&start=0

The base boot he used are Rockport Mens Harrison Side Zip Boots in mocha.


Empathy's tutorial for modifying existing boots. It can be found here: ... sp=sharing

She used the Chrissy Chelsea boot from Whitestuff.


Some pattern help for those wanting to make a spat to attach can be found here: ... sp=sharing


For those wanting to do the Cassian/Jyn style boot, Amelia (Em) has written up a nice tutorial for creating the flap that is added to Frye Sutton style boots. It can be found here: ... sp=sharing

The Flap pattern is here: ... sp=sharing

The 3D/STL File for the Boot Buckle is here: ... sp=sharing


Cassian/Yavin Operations Officer/Jyn Jacket:

Yavin Operations Jacket Pattern Base:
The Falcon Jacket pattern used frequently for Solo costumes, is a good base to start from when making the Cassian/Yavin Operations/Jyn style jacket. Found by Heather.

Image ... pattern-by ... _p_12.html

Action Back/Moto Flange Patterns:
This pattern (if you can find it) has the action back/moto flange piece that should let you Frankenpattern the jacket:

Simplicity 8174 Jacket and Knit Dress Sewing Pattern for Women by Mimi G Style


There is also a really nice video walking through how to make it- which should help with understanding how the action back works.

Mood also has a really nice free pattern for a moto jacket that includes the back here: ... g-pattern/


bloodstripes Jacket: ... p-707.html

Making BloodStripes

Compilation of information from the Facebook groups, forum threads and the RPF with added tutorials linked. ... sp=sharing

Boot and belt greeblies

Boot Greeblie:

Belt Greeblies:

The belt greeblies are hose connectors, the real deal can be purchased here: ... -of-5.html ... JPRf-CIKyQ

Rank Badges: ... ch_click=1 ... -insignia/

Fabric rank:

This needs to be sized to what ever size you need and flipped so it is a mirror image (most computers can do that when you go into the basic editing section). Then printed on printer transfer paper. Then you iron the image on to a white piece of twill or cotton. Credit and thanks to Bigfatcat (Geoff).

Printer transfer paper: ... XRYX&psc=1

File for rank: ... sp=sharing

Ready made: ... ome_feat_2

Topstitching Tips (Because Glyn Dillon hates us.):

Ten Topstitching Tips:

Tips for Perfect Topstitching:

The Differences Between Edge Stitching and Topstitching:

Topstitch, Staystitch, and Understitch:

Using a Double Needle:

How to Thread a Twin Needle:

Sewing with a Double or Twin Needle:

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