Poe/po-zu/resistance boots

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Poe/po-zu/resistance boots

Post by tenebris » Wed Mar 07, 2018 5:01 pm

So the 'Poe pozu/well 2' style boot seems to be used a far bit throughout the new films. Mainly officers, transport pilots, and troopers. Fin and Poe in TLJ, ackbat in TFA and TLJ.

Colours do seem to vary between what looks like black (but we now think is a very weathered dark brown), dark brown, tan

brance TFA


Finn TLJ

Commander D'acy TFA

Trooper TLJ

Ackbar TFA

The po-zu are a close match and are clearable, You can buy them direct from PO-ZU in brown or black but only in a size 7-12

https://po-zu.com/collections/star-wars ... brown-mens



There was a good idea posted on the main Rl Forum about using an iron over damp tea towel to steam out the stamp on the heel. I tried it with my timberlands and it worked a treat...I just sanded the still slightly raised bit with superfine paper, like 260. Then dabbed a tiny bit of water based ecoflo on where the stamp was so deep it was slightly dis-coloured.

' If you take a damp dish towel and lay it across the leather and then iron it (mine is a steamer as well) you can get the embossed "STAR WARS" logo to relax and almost smooth out. '

Poe TLJ standards names these boots, but the ackbar TFA standards say ' Dark brown, leather (or leather like), flat soled boots, slightly shorter than knee length (over the calf) with a strap on the outside of the top.' I'ts looking from the mock standards like the generic yellow vest, yellow jacket and fleet officers will go the same way, but with a possible multiple option for knee with strap and the wraps.

So I've been thinking about how to accomodate people with smaller or bigger feet who need the Poe boots.
I've been trawling ebay and the web to try and find boots that are close, or might be convertable.

Crow props have just finished their Poe boot. Its on their website and they are custom so will go lower than a 7 and higher than a 12. They can take a very long time though, mine were 4 months. https://crowprops.bigcartel.com/product ... -to-choose


Boots from crowprops........based on the po-zu 'Poe' boots

If I'm honest there are a few things that niggle me, there should be a space between the top of the zip and the strap and I think they are a tad too tall, although the on screen do seem to vary in height slightly. Also The velcro strap end piece needs to be longer and the 'u' shape starts a tad too low...... Still clearable though.

In short they are accurate copies of the Po-zu Poe boot, but the Po-zu boots are not the screen worn ones. Despite everyone thinking they are. If you want them SA you would need to have them made and currently no one is offering that.




The big problem if you want to get really close is the double 'tongue' bit and the toes, in theory you could glue on leather for the toes and cut the 'u' shape in the side and stitch or glue leather behind and add a strap at the top
I spoke to Timpsons (high street cobbler) and they can put the flat sole on the bottom, like rebbecca's luke boots for about £30.00 as its a chain I'm presuming that's the same country wide.


I'll stress none are perfect, but might help someone.

Oxygen boots, they would need the strap removing and a new strap at the top, leather dye on the stitching, but They are pretty good. They come in a few colours but the ones that might work are black, light brown, dark brown, tan and weathered tan

volga boots



rhone boots, might be a bit tall......I've ordered a pair so will update



piova might be a bit short, Ive ordered a pair to check, ill update



red or dead mary ellen boots might work with weathering and shortening?

Ugg have two older boots that have the flat sole and side detail, the kensington (the leather version) and the noira

Birkinstock farmington might be a good base, if you can find a cheap pair.

Dune have done a few calf length low wedge boots, so have next and clarks. I believe po-zu did a womens brown well 2 boot before they did the star wars ones, but I've not been able to find any......worth a search on ebay.

blowfish the olin, whisky, rocky or could make good boots for converting, straps etc would all have to be removed, you might have to sand the sole flat too. They also do a shorter boot that could work for transport pilots.

The earl, is discontinued, but a few have popped up on ebay.

Feel free to add anything you've found or thought of that might be helpful.



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Re: Poe/po-zu/resistance boots

Post by Jerrick Sunrunner » Wed Mar 07, 2018 9:11 pm

Cracking work Empathy!
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