Queen Amidala - Decoy gown (reflective thread)

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Queen Amidala - Decoy gown (reflective thread)

Post by Padme Amidala » Wed Jan 31, 2018 12:23 am


Not long ago I was cleared with my Queen Amidala decoy gown. It was my first costume build, and had it's fair share of problems along the way.

Mark suggested making a reflective thread on it now that it is approved (and still being worked on). Things that could be improved, things that went well and to show how it has been upgraded.

As it was my first, I found the CRL but didn't have too much in the way of support and advice on what to do. So, it was a massive learning curve. It initially took 7 months to make, whilst working two jobs, but has over run that now. She's won three competitions, and I'm so proud of it it.

I will be updating this thread as we go. I'll start at the roster photo and then work from there.


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