Building Large Props for the Base

Here you can showcase your large props, scenery or even droid builds!

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Building Large Props for the Base

Post by Jerrick Sunrunner » Thu Jun 20, 2019 10:58 am

We welcome any members who wish to build large props or scenery that can be used an event.

The maintenance, storage and transportation of said large props is the sole responsibility and Property of the member and not the Rebel Legion or Elstree Base.

With the permission from the Prop owner, Elstree base will offer event organisers the use of props at appropriate events.
The base will ensure to the best of its ability that props are cared for at events.

The Base will, where necessary, help towards the cost of transportation of large props for Rebel Legion events, either through direct funding from the supporters fund, or through donations\expenses from the event organisers.

The Base reserves the right to decline the inclusion of props and scenery if its deemed that the large prop does not meet health and safety regulations to be used at public events or is somehow else lacking either through construction or general build quality and finish or is not in keeping with the Rebel Legion's ethos.

Large Props should also have a detailed breakdown in the Elstree forum section - Large Props, Scenery and Droids.
Please be sure to include any pertinent information for the erection and dismantling of said Prop - including the setup and function of any electrical/lighting/sound elements.

If upgrades or further refinement is needed and additional funds are required, please enter a proposal through to the Base Commanding Officer for supporters funding and a discussion can be undertaken.
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