New Q85 drive system for R2D2

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New Q85 drive system for R2D2

Post by LondonR2D2 » Tue Mar 03, 2020 9:50 am

I have run my droid on scooter drives for over 4 years and R2 has rolled over everything all day long without complaint until MCM London when after 2 days of trooping looking for the car in the carpark a scooter motor burnt out, I replaced the motors and upgraded the caster wheels to be let down by R2 while trooping with you guys at Greenwich ROS.
Since then I discovered I had the chain catching on a bar basically I had fitted the drives wrong and it was catching.
The drives are now back to perfect working order BUT I have invested in a new drive system, something that will enable R2 to go up and down ramps at one speed, no run away down hill. The drives will literally go over everything so no need to 'help' R2 into lifts etc.
Its a massive investment but I really think worth it as the ultimate drive system.

The motors are Q85 electric bike hub motors, they are 'adapted' and tires fitted.

R2 has been out of action for a few months while waiting on parts etc and selling his old feet and drives (drives still for sale)
I am hoping to have him back up and ready for duty by the end of March.
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Re: New Q85 drive system for R2D2

Post by BigFatCat » Tue Mar 03, 2020 11:19 am

Never underestimate the power (consumption) of a droid.

Incredible bit of engineering you have there.
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