Current Costume Specialists - *2019 Update*

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Current Costume Specialists - *2019 Update*

Post by Jerrick Sunrunner » Tue May 28, 2019 1:44 pm

I am pleased to announce that working in partnership with our base detachment commanders the creation of the Costume Specialist role.
This role has been offered to members of the base who excel in their knowledge of a particular costume type or character.
The costume specialists role is to work with the Detachment COs to help guide members (new and old) in creating costumes easily and help get them one step closer to being cleared.
The Costume Specialists are not costume judges but they know their specialist costumes intimately as well as the costume standards for the Rebel Legion, they here to help back-up the DCO 's own knowledge and fill in gaps where needed.

I have asked each detachment to select one or two costume specialists based.
A special forum rank will identify a costume specialist but below is the current list our hope we can add more people to the list over time.

Base Membership Officers
Claire MackieGremlin
Empathy Gray Tenebris

Costume Specialists

Becka Griffiths Ecgwynn & Beth Mitchell Naberrie - Rey Costumes
Claire Coulthard Chuckie Claire - Jawa Costumes
Chris Moxey DragonHawkz - Jyn Erso Costumes
Federico Ciccotti Bravoleader - Resistance Pilot Costumes
Geoff Hawley Big Fat Cat- Rogue One Commandos
Lee Harvey Lee Utdk - Luke Skywalker
Kat Moore Padme Amidala - Padme Amidala Costumes
Steve Buchan Buck10 and Paul Smith Larphitupfuzzball - Wookiees (Inc Chewbacca & Generic)
Nick Harber Legorebel A-Wing Pilots

As mentioned above the Costume Specialists will be working in conjunction with the Detachment COs to help guide you through your costume building and clearance.

Detachment Commanding Officers & Executive Officers

Aliens - Azalus Kung Clan:
Clan Leader: Eric irvine jedirocker

Clone Troopers - Elstree Spec Ops Squad
Squad Commander: Will Evans Tal Skirata

Jedi - Britannia Temple:
Temple Master: David Sandground Dangams
Assistant Temple Masters: Chris Moxey Dragonhawkz, Kenny Crawford KennyC

Pilots - 1138th Krayt Squadron
Squadron Commander Officer: Mark Mulcaster Jerrick Sunrunner
Squadron Executive Officer: Alex Townsend Kyle Katarn

Rebel Infantry - Shadow Unit 77
Squad Commander: Geoff Hawley Big Fat Cat, Squad Executive Officer Alex Townsend Kyle Katarn

Rebel Commanders - Home One Command Post
Commanding Officer: Empathy Gray Tenebris

Royalty & Senatorial - Diamond Delegation
Delegation Leader -Kat Moore Padme Amidala, Delegation Second - Karen Angel Leia 77

Fringe Characters
Docking bay Deck officer - Paul Dixon burton, Docking bay assistant Deck officer - Chris Moxey Dragonhawkz

Human Supporters - Esk-Besh Union
Union Leader - Beth Mitchell Naberrie

Id like to thank those who have stepped up and accepted the roles and look forward to seeing how this develops over the coming weeks and months.
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