sewing links/books, dress forms

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sewing links/books, dress forms

Post by tenebris » Thu Apr 02, 2020 11:17 am

Threads Have some great how to videos and tutorials, its hit and miss as to what has free access, but I'll continue to add bits.

There is more than one way to do a lot of sewing techniques and if you watch or read one and don't understand, keep googling and looking till you find a method or style of teaching that works for you.

Morplan sells pattern masters, I'm not sure if you can get them anywhere else, but they are what I use for pattern alteration. You can get rulers and fashion curves etc on amazon and in sewing shops.

Dress Forms

polystyrene with cover from ebay ... Sw7KJXERxb

Adjustable ... ess%20Form

How to make a duck tape dress form: ... equin.html

Dress form pattern from your measurements

They have a few options: Use over an existing dummy, custom from measurements, standard sizes. Men and women. ... ttern.html

Padding a dressform to your shape.

Threads DIY ... body-shape

Fabulous fit set ... itting-set

Sewing basics:

Massive amount of sewing information all in one place!From basics to pressing tips..... Click on the 'Techniques ' header

Threads Magazine online (some stuff is free, some stuff isnt, it chnges too so always worth having a look) ... ySeyQSntSk

Blueprint has online courses (used to be craftsey, it's changing hands again so will be down for a awhile)


Measuring yourself

Tutorial from pattern lab ...

Pattern review and sewing site:

Not sure about how a pattern will look or if it comes up big or small. This site is great to check if others have made it up and what they think.

There is also a wealth of info on fitting and sewing if you register (which is free).

Sewing books:

Readers digest 'Complete guide to sewing', mines from the 70's and its so great, you can pick them up for a couple of quid in charity shops or on ebay. There are newer editions.

The sewing book ... 326&sr=8-1

Dress making technique bible ... 164&sr=8-1