General supply guide Fabric/boots/wigs

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General supply guide Fabric/boots/wigs

Post by tenebris » Fri Oct 05, 2018 1:45 pm

We have put together a list of where to purchase general costuming stuff. Fabrics, boot makers, wigs etc. Its your job to check that, it meets the standards, this list is just a starting point. We don’t endorse any vendors.

More in depth advice about individual characters parts and costumes can be found in the detachments.

Boots- shops and makers

Motor cowboy

MUX leather boots - tall leather boots

JDOS Props - Jedi- lots /luke/leia ... e_internal

Crow props - officer boots/Scarif trooper boots/ clone boots/anakin boots/luke boots/young obi wan boots/leia boots

Imperial boots - Jack boots/hoth boots

chronicle militaria - tall leather boots

Po-Zu - officer boots/rey boots/ poe boots

Fry boots- tall leather boots/jyn boots


Wig is Fashion



Black candy fasion


leather suppliers/buckles

Artisan leather

leprevo leather

Tandy-blanks, hides, tools, dyes (often you can find the same branded things cheaper on ebay in terms of dyes)

Ebay shops-
Ebay does some really good tooling hides and coloured nappa too
Leatherworld - they do some good belt blanks that look more aged. Leather pieces etc-they've sample blanks for me in the past.

Philo props -belt blanks Rebel fleet trooper/Madine


Coscraft - Worbla/resin clay/heat vinyl transfer sheets/polymorph

Trent Plastics - Foamex /acrylic sheet ... oam-sheets

Screwfix - heat gun ... 240v/59740

Alien Parts

Chris Stevens - Alien mask/hands

Twilek Pam - Lekku

Twilek paradise - leku/ montrals


With any fabrics ALWAYS sample when buying! Colour's and textures can be difficult to see in photographs. If you are in the shop and under really bright lights, ask to take it to the door to see under natural light....never be to afraid to ask if you are not sure what you are looking for. I always sample and I always take my reference images with me when fabric shopping.

A-Z fabrics types and weaves ... iA_h8iRMsg

For Dying

Whaleys Bradford- calico, fabrics for dying. Cottons, wools, silks, jerseys, twills, velvets etc-will do 5 free samples after that its £5 for 5 samples, but you need to call them to do it. (the more you buy the cheaper it is).

Dharma trading-dyable fabrics-USA Based ... ng-co.html

ZSfabrics- based in the USA but ship out of India, I'v brought twice from them and had no import fees.
Jersey and knits, minimum order of 2 meters


The lining company - Every type of lining you can think of, including stretch linings. Good if you are struggling to match a colour as they have loads. Also sell trimming, tailoring, interlining etc supplies.

General Fabric shops

Local shops independant shops near where you live are great as their stock tends to change. Fabricland and C&H are always worth a look in store as they can get all-sorts of stuff in.

Ebay is always worth a look....again sample.

My Fabrics - jersey, twill, cottons, wools

C&H Fabrics - mix of fabrics, Haberdashery - sometimes have a leather basket and and ends table, their furnishing bit is worth checking out too.

Fabricland- Mix of fabrics, Haberdashery - good for basic ewok fabric/cheap tulle/calico/cottons, twills/interfacing etc

Minerva crafts - mix of fabrics - often good for plain twills and poplins

plushaddict - often have some good bits-mainly used them for kona, its actually a very nice cotton fabric and comes in like a millon colours. -they also sample and sell patterns. ... i72pk62jd2

Abakahn Fabrics - jedi stuff, mix fabrics

Tia Knight - stretch velvets

Fabworks - mix, good for melton/wool

Remnant kings- mixed fabrics, haberdashery

Fabrics Galore- currently have crinkle cotton for jedi ... RwY_iDt6Io

Raystitch- twills, gaberdines

Merchant and Mills- oilskin fabrics, Japanese cottons, denims

Silks/silk velvets/wools/ fashion fabrics

These are expensive shops and are more for the big padmes/senators/leia's/handmaidens etc but you do get what you pay for and they are used by designers and production companies.


The Silk Route

Beckford Silks-silk, velvet, chiffon georgette etc

Top fabrics - Also do really nice brocades and jacquard's

Borvick Fabrics- silk, fashion fabrics, theatrical fabrics

Cloth house - linens, cottons, wool/cotton mixes- Expensive but nice for jedi Tabbards etc.

Joels and son - velvets wools etc

Stone Fabrics- Wools ... ol/page/2/

Yorshire fabrics -wools

London shops and markets

shepards Bush - Goldhawk Road

Dalston mill market

Crescent trading - suitings, coats, jacketing, silks - Quaker street

Walter reginald- near tower bridge London, can order samples online and by phone -I think.

Misain - Berwick street

The cloth house have PVC and latex downstairs (more than on their website) - Berwick street

Birmingham shops and markets

Birmingham rag market

Glasglow based shops and markets

Remnant Kings - Argyle street

Mandors - Renfrew street.

Adventure1 - Dundas street, military shop that you can sometimes find accurate closures and satchels etc in for certain costumes

Barras in general for cheap fabrics

barrow land market.

Haberdashery/embroidery/bead shops

New trimmings - fabrics/trimmings/habedashery

MacCulloch and Wallis-

The London Bead Co. Ltd. & Delicate Stitches - threads, beads, embroidery

Beadworks-Beads - Beads, gemstones ... on-faceted

Button Queen- buttons

Seamstresses/fabrics services

Pleating company - used by production companies including game of thrones


There are a few members who can 3-d print, or places we can point you to depending on what you need. Etsy has alot of 3D printed parts and weapons but before buying from there Always post on your WIP to check if its accurate first.

Thingverse also has downloadable prints, again check on your WIP before buying anything.

Sewing Patterns

Boot fairs, charity shops, ebay and etsy also often have sewing patterns.



Sew Essential
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