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Wales Comic Con - Telford

Post by jdelaney » Mon Nov 04, 2019 9:08 pm

Wales comic con- Telford
I have had a lot of enquires about this troop if it is going ahead. I can confirm that yes it will be going ahead.

Here is the one open sign up thread: ... =13&t=1646

However the organisers are still finalising some details such as changing area, numbers, parking, etc.
After speaking to a couple of different members I have passed on details about previous changing space at MCM Telford. Hopefully we can get the same space.
As this is the first time WCC has used this venue (which is still an independent company) I don’t think it would have been fair for us to request the same number of members (between all the clubs) as previous MCM Telford. The numbers will be consistent with previous years at WWC and hopefully the event will go great, WCC will continue to use this venue and grow as a show so we can increase our presence.

Parking passes are still unconfirmed at this moment. I hope that the show will offer them if there are parking charges.

Refreshments and Lunch
Normally WCC do not provide anything. Maybe a couple of bottles of water. Please bring any refreshments to be on the safe side.

GA attendance
Unfortunately there will be no GA sign up this time. This is due to no confirmed separate changing area for GA members. Again hopefully in the future as this event continues to grow we may be able to secure a separate and secure area for GA members so they will be able to join us.

With this I would like to address a few issues that I have noticed in the last few years. (this is not aimed at any member(s) just observations).

[u[]Please only sign up if you know for certain you can attend.[/u]
I fully understand that circumstances can change last minute, however with previous years I have seen members sign up to this event when it first goes live, then not long before the event will drop out which has left other members not able to attend as they have made other, etc.

Shopping, autographs, photo ops, etc.
As many of you know the rules regarding this, please make sure you follow them.
I have no issues with members using their lunch break/ before or after official troop timings to shop, etc. However taking multiple breaks throughout the day or extended lunch compared to other members is not appropriate, we are there as guests to troop.

Crew positions.
If you have signed up as a crew member then you are there to crew again to going back to the previous point you need to adhere to the shopping, autograph rules.
If there is not enough the day supervisor will ask for volunteers. As this event is a full day members can take it in turn to split the day with other members. I fully understand that we are a costuming club, with members from a variety of circumstances when it comes to trooping but please don’t let it fall to the same members to crew. We all love wearing our costumes and being in character but it’s great when everyone gets their turn.

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