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Logo vote result

Post by Jerrick Sunrunner » Tue Mar 10, 2020 9:40 am

Thank you to all of you who have voted on the logo design thread.
The vote ended with a tie between design 4 and none of the above option.
Having spoken to alex we feel that at the moment we are at a impasse as there isn’t a design that is more universally preferred and also one that doesn’t have reproduction issues with merchandise. With that in mind we’re are going to park the logo change for now and continue to work in the background to see if we can come up with design that is going to be more universally liked by a larger portion of the membership.

When I say parked I mean we won’t be going for a revote at this juncture but we are continuing to discuss work on the designs in the background.

Whilst the initial change in logo is still to ensure we better reflect our membership and create a logo that members want to wear, feel comfortable wearing and proud to show off.
We are not ignoring the underlying issue with the base issue felt by some members and so both the black white logo variants will still be available in the clothing store as alternatives.

In addition to that Alex has written a proposal that we have put forward to the rebel legion council to create a new Rebel Squad unit that will allow for bases that cover larger territories can have a more regionalised identity.
The proposal is still with the LCO and council and we have been working with them to refine the proposal to meet the requirements of the council.
Beyond a greater regional identity rebel squads will be able to create their own logo and produce a limited amount of merchandise.
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