Being paid to appear at non-sanctioned RL events

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Being paid to appear at non-sanctioned RL events

Post by Jerrick Sunrunner » Wed Jan 31, 2018 2:06 pm

I wanted to reiterate that using your costume for paid appearances or using your Rebel Legion approved costume for profit is strictly against the Rebel Legion charter.
This is in-line with the non-profit status the club has and in part our agreement with Lucasfilm and Disney that we're able to continue to participate in high profile events and be afford the additional privileges that come with it.
Anyone contravening the below may be reported to the Legion COG & LXO for further investigation.

Article VI: Code of Conduct
Section 2:
In accordance with directives from LucasFilm, Ltd., members must not use their Rebel Legion-approved costumes for personal profit, either within or outside of the Rebel Legion. This includes, but is not limited to:-Paid Appearances (which have not been approved by Lucasfilm or their partners)
-Selling photographs featuring a Rebel Legion Costume
-Selling merchandise with photographic reproductions of member in Rebel Legion costume (i.e. t-shirts, messenger bags, or calendars)
-Rent/lease any Rebel Legion approved costumes. Compensation: Members may be compensated by the event host/organizer for out-of-pocket expenses incurred from participation in Rebel Legion events, but this may not exceed their expenditure (including but not limited to water, gas reimbursement, snacks/meals, park passes/entry to events).
They may also receive non monetary donations (including but not limited to water, snacks/meals, park passes/entry to events), but these items are for personal use & not to be sold for profit.
b. Costume Contests: Entry of Rebel Legion costumes into contests is permitted. Any awards/prizes may be retained, as they are not guaranteed for participation.

To comment further on the section b entering costume contests the awards and prizes are assumed as non-monetary.
If there is a cash prize then this would fall under the "not for personal profit" stipulation and therefore not permissible.

It is however, in poor taste for members to sign-up to a RL troop only to leave their duties part way through to enter into a costume contest.
Whilst this is not against either Legion or Base policy, it is not to be encouraged and requests to enter into a contest should be made prior to signing up to the event.

Being ignorant of the Rebel Legion charter and code of conduct is not a defense, it is assumed that as part of your membership you have read and understand the charter.

The Rebel Legion charter can be found Here

Any questions or queries related to any part of the charter can be directed at the Legion CO, XO, LMO or myself

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