Social Media and activities on other forums

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Social Media and activities on other forums

Post by Jerrick Sunrunner » Tue Jan 02, 2018 8:43 pm

As part of the Elstree Base Team we have our own PR team. These hard working individuals role is to help promote the base and the legion. They will be posting on several social media platforms incuding Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The success of any social media campaign is engagement and so if you see a post or tweet we encourage you to not only ‘like’ it but comment and share it to and by doing so will reach a larger audience.

When interacting with us on social media please think about what you post before you post it.
Inappropriate comments on posts reflect badly on the club and will be removed.

Your own personal thoughts and opinions are your own but please be aware that disparaging remarks made against other clubs or club members could, if reported be considered against Article IV of the Rebel Legion charter “creating disharmony in the star wars community”.
If a complaint is made this may lead to disciplinary charges which could result in suspension or the cessation of your membership.

We are all ambassadors of the Rebel Legion and so as much as possible we should be promoting the club and the work we do.
Please consider the impact and affect your opinion has on non members both on social media and on other club’s forums this also includes any closed groups and whatsapp chats.
It is expected that no member will discuss RL issues on either another forum or social media especially if they are command staff or equivalent either this base or for any other costume club.

Our social media handles:
twitter: @rebellegionuk
Instagram: @rebellegionuk
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