Scarif marine WIP

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Scarif marine WIP

Post by Atin_verda » Tue May 22, 2018 3:57 pm

Here's some pics of my scarif marine trooper from a recent airsoft game.
I'll get some proper pics soon
I have some brown boots I just need some leather gaters and I think I'll be ready to submit. Any pointers welcome.

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Re: Scarif marine WIP

Post by Da Sarge » Wed May 23, 2018 5:52 am

HI there, looks like you have a great start, We have a few scariff troopers on the forum so I'm sure one will be along to advise you. However here are the CRLs for you to check
This is a good way to find out if there is anything you have missed and to make sure you meet the requirements before submitting.
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Re: Scarif marine WIP

Post by BigFatCat » Wed May 23, 2018 8:04 am

Hello, welcome in.

Looks a pretty solid base to start with, well done on that.

Given the standard's wording and the lighting in the pics, the trousers look a little tan yet they might well be coyote, one of the specified colours. Washing machine dye can change that quickly if needed to one of the listed colours.

The grenade vest looks like it's brown all over, which is a good start although the nylon panels on the front are meant to be black. The rear mesh, edge tape and tabs are already brown which saves a lot of pain. The standards have a outstanding issue as worded because it implies the rear mesh of the vest should be black. Screen references support brown and my vest also has brown rear mesh. If you want more accuracy, the yellow on the two front pockets goes up to the tab closure and not the whole pocket.

Roll pin belt (looks dark olive) and pouches look OK, helmet blast ring and fabric topper should be OK. Jacket should be OK. Gaiters should try to blend with boot colour when you get to that, either black or brown.

The leather Han holster won't be needed and you've got an E-11 there. The blaster is an option (no fun in that) and is supposed to be a DH-17 or an A300/A280CFE variant. The scarf is optional too but if used is a black sniper mesh/veil.

I'd say it's pretty close overall. As Mike said, do read those standards and ask if you have any doubts or queries.

See you on the beach.
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Re: Scarif marine WIP

Post by Gremlin » Thu May 24, 2018 12:37 am

Great pics, Matt! :thumbsup: Mike and Geoff have got you covered with the advice; do check out the costume standards too and as Geoff said, if you have any questions, just ask!
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